Jack Cogley


John “Jack” Cogley, Director, is involved in both Blue River’s buy and sell-side practices. His career is highlighted by his years as a real estate developer.

Starting with his position as the property manager for a commercial real estate developer, while attending law school, Mr. Cogley became proficient as a land acquisition man, developer of multiple family, office, condominium and office projects and finally as founder and CEO of a property management company. His corporate experience includes two years at a commercial development company that developed eight projects he oversaw and acted as developer on- constructing over 700 apartment units and 400 motel units.

Mr. Cogley developed four strip center properties that were successfully constructed, rented and sold to investors. He co-founded and was an officer and board member of a non-profit housing corporation that acquired over 3,500 units and constructed eight projects totaling over 600 units. Mr. Cogley was in charge of land acquisition and development of all new construction and the rehab of all existing projects.

Mr. Cogley co-founded and was CEO of a commercial real estate property company specializing in multi-family management, offices and condominiums- managing over 2,000 units at its peak.

Mr. Cogley has also acted as the member in charge of the development and sale of a 24 unit residential condominium project.

Mr. Cogley has owned a commercial signage company and actively been involved with real estate brokerage and a real estate law practice. He maintains licenses as a real estate broker and attorney in the State of Michigan.