Blue River can perform and provide corporate valuation services for sellers and buyers



While valuations are performed for many purposes, Blue River specializes in valuation services for transaction purposes only. With market realities in hand, business owners are equipped to make wise decisions based on reliable market value information.

For Sellers

What is your company worth? The answer could be important for a variety of reasons such as gift or estate taxes, insurance purposes, dispute resolution, or decision-making guidance for a transaction. When a realistic understanding of value matters, we can provide a solution that meets your budget. Our access to extensive valuation databases of private transaction information enable Blue River to respond expeditiously and accurately to your needs.

Blue River offers a variety of valuation solutions to meet the diverse needs of middle market companies.

Calculation of Value (least costly) – We work with you to select a series of the most relevant approaches and methods to analyze your company’s financial performance and projections. A short report accompanies the suggested formulaic results. When one desires to understand value from a “high” level, the Calculation of Value can be an ideal and inexpensive way forward.

Conclusion of Value (moderately priced) – For valuations that required advanced analysis and a formal report, such as gift or estate taxes, litigation support or other need, Blue River provides a Conclusion of Value Report pursuant to the rules and regulations promulgated by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA). Our experience, research-driven methodologies and awareness of the pulse in the marketplace deliver realistic and defendable results every time.

Private Capital Market Options Report – Some owners want as much information about the selling process and capital markets as possible, because the sale of a business can be a very big deal. Blue River offers a Private Capital Market Options Report that delivers an exhaustive valuation analysis together with market insights available to the company.

Major topical headings from the report include Valuation differences between Financial and Strategic Buyers, & Transactional Tax Issues. Also included are Transaction Types (e.g., financial, strategic, management buyouts, ESOPs, recapitalizations, etc.), Buyer and Investors Types, Advanced Tax Strategies, Current Market Trends, How to Increase Your Company’s Value, and a host of others. With this Report, owners will be informed, confident and prepared to proactively pursue transactional outcomes specifically aligned with their true motivations.

Buy-Side Financial Modeling

Are you are a buyer seeking valuation or negotiating guidance on a targeted acquisition? Blue River’s financial models can provide clarity. We incorporate the target company’s historical and projected financial factors, deal structure, debt service, capital expenditures, hurdle rates and other elements that will affect the acquisition. Overpaying for a company is the primary cause for bad deals. Do not get caught in that trap when Blue River is here to help.

“Valuation is equal parts art and science. While the numbers are important, they only tell part of the story. Industry dynamics, position in the competitive landscape, hidden value drivers and detractors, all play into the true value of an enterprise.”

Bill Loftis

Blue River Managing Partner


Our Process

Complete analysis of subject company leading to valuation report. Report may suggest transaction alternatives that may trade at discounts from fair market value (FMV) or premiums over FMV.




  • company structure
  • financial statements


  • valuation approach
  • valuation formulas
  • produce report


  • examine & consider options and alternatives


  • create plan of action best suited to move to transaction phase


OUR Memberships


10 + 11 =

“Sara (Clevenger) first approached me about 8 years ago, and while I was not ready to sell my company at that time, we continued to have numerous conversations and maintained a great relationship over the years. When the moment finally came and I was ready to transfer ownership of AutoMail and DOC, Sara introduced me to Bill (Loftis) and we got the process started. Blue River helps the owner determine what their company is worth and then communicates it to the buyer in a way that makes them they feel comfortable about the value they are getting out of the deal. I can’t think of anything they could have done better throughout the process. I love my company, but I don’t regret selling it – I am very pleased with the buyer because of their ability to carry on our mission and provide a positive environment for the employees.”

Co-Founder, Trinamic

“When selling a business, there are many issues that can suddenly arise. Blue River balances things and weighs them out. I really appreciate that about the team. I think they did an outstanding job of preparing us for what could happen throughout the process. And many of the things they prepared us for, actually did happen. The Blue River team was always accessible and empathetic, and understood that for our family, this business was like our baby.” 

President, TrynEx, Inc.

“Hiring Blue River to sell our company was a great investment for National Safe & Security. Blue River was able to source interested buyers that we would not have discovered on our own and they actually brought Cennox to the table, which was the perfect strategic fit and buyer for our company. Blue River guided us through the entire sale process from start to finish and Managing Director, Dan Sundby, was always very responsive to our phone calls and emails. When selling a business, having a professional M&A advisor is a must have and I highly recommend Blue River to be that company”.

President, National Safe & Security Systems

“We really appreciate Blue River’s help & input through the whole process of selling our company, from the initial analysis & set-up of the marketing materials promoting Unisan, securing a buyer that was a perfect fit, and working through due diligence to final closing. Their team was very helpful & professional at all times in communication with the buyers, giving us confidence in a journey which was definitely uncharted waters for us! To anyone needing a professional M&A advisor we would recommend Blue River!”

Owner, Unisan