For owners selling a business, Blue River creates confidential and controlled markets on behalf of private companies designed to deliver transaction outcomes ideally suited for the owners.

Blue River


Selling a Business – One Chance to Get It Right

Owners of middle market companies selling a business have only one chance to get it right in what is likely the most significant financial transaction of their lives. The sale of a business is a big deal because it affects so many lives – especially the owners.

Blue River has the experience to efficiently guide business owners through turbulent waters of M&A transactions.

We represent middle market business owners with three overarching objectives:


Know The Client

Blue River never assumes to know what our clients need or want from a transaction – especially in multiple-owner settings.  For example, cliché goals like maximum value may not reconcile with deeply held loyalties owners feel toward employees.  Therefore, Blue River seeks to fully understand what a transaction must deliver to be successful



Not all buyers/investors or transaction types are the same.  Blue River helps owners identify the best kind of acquirers and transaction types that closely align with their underlying needs and motivations


Executional Excellence

Blue River goes to work in the private capital marketplace to proactively deliver pre-designed outcomes

Get what you want, not just what you need

As a merger & acquisition advisor, Blue River has only one objective – deliver outcomes our clients truly desire.

Before going to market, Blue River clients clearly know what to expect in terms of company value, underlying motivations of stakeholders, transaction options, types of investors, tax strategies, reinvestment of post-closing proceeds options and more.

Once prepared, Blue River executes a customized process focused and tailored to the ideal buyers. Blue River’s knowledge, experience, and insight assure owners of outstanding negotiating support throughout the process. When positions appear intractable, Blue River can often provide alternatives that satisfactorily address blocking issues and will lead to desired outcomes.

“Elegant outcomes occur when owners fully understand their options and purposely pursue results aligned with their driving motivations.”

Bill Loftis

Blue River Managing Partner


Our Process

Blue River’s proprietary diagnostic tool sorts the driving motivations of each owner into an easily understandable personal profile. Then sophisticated algorithms identify the optimal capital market options most closely aligned with ownership and company characteristics.

A brief overview of our process…



  • Valuation Range, Seller Objectives
  • Sell-Side Due Diligence
  • Marketing Materials / Populate Data Room
  • Develop Acquisitive Target Lists


  • Contact Prospective Buyers
  • Review Confidential Information Memorandum
  • Receive Initial Indications of Interest
  • Negotiate IoIs and Select Buyers for Continued Discussions


  • Prepare Management Presentations
  • Conduct Management Meetings / Site Visits
  • Receive Letters of Intent (LOIs)
  • Select Preferred Buyers and Negotiate Final LOI


  • Provide Full Data Room Access to Selected Buyer & Commence Due Diligence
  • Prepare Initial Draft of Definitive Agreements
  • Finalize Due Diligence
  • Finalize Definitive Agreements / Closing


Don’t Go It Alone

Blue River understands the transaction’s importance and expertly guides owners from the outset to an ideal outcome. Our efforts begin long before the business hits the market. We help owner’s probe, understand, and decide upon the best transaction outcome, so they can begin the journey with confidence and resolve.

It’s Complicated

Ownership transitions for middle market businesses are complicated. So many variables factor into crafting the desired transaction…

What Are The Tax Implications?

  • How will a transaction be taxed?
  • What can the owner expect to earn on reinvested after-tax transaction proceeds?

Who Is The Right Buyer For The Business?

  • Children
  • Management
  • Employees
  • other shareholders
  • private equity
  • family offices
  • direct institutional investors
  • strategic buyers
  • or someone else?
How Much Should Be Sold?

  • a minority stake
  • a majority stake
  • or all of it?
Why Is Ownership Selling?

  • business reasons
  • financial reasons
  • personal reasons
  • or something else?

What Options Are Available In The Capital Markets?

  • ESOPs
  • IPOs
  • minority, majority. or dividend recaps
  • management buyouts or buy-ins
  • generational transfers
  • charitable remainder trusts
  • strategic sales
  • advanced tax strategies
  • or something else?

How Much Should Ownership Expect?

  • What is the fair market value of the company?
  • How is value affected by all these different options and factors?

In the end, the optimal action may be presentation of the company to one of Blue River’s many acquisition clients, securing a majority or minority capital partner to support growth, placement on Blue River’s Private Exchange, running a full exit process, sitting tight and focusing on driving growth and identified value levers or pursuing one of the many other options available in the capital markets.


6 + 13 =

“​Blue River was the perfect choice to help us sell our company, which we had invested the last two decades of our life into building. We considered more than one investment banking firm to work with, and we chose Blue River because they truly understood our business and shared our values, making the process smooth and successful.

Blue River “got” what made our company special. We worked hard to create a good atmosphere for our great employees and it was important to us to find the right buyer who would continue our legacy.

Their professionalism, honesty, and clear communication were exceptional. They kept us updated every step of the way, providing guidance and support.

If you’re looking for a partner to sell your business, I recommend Blue River.

Owner & Managing Director, Unisan

“Sara (Clevenger) first approached me about 8 years ago, and while I was not ready to sell my company at that time, we continued to have numerous conversations and maintained a great relationship over the years. When the moment finally came and I was ready to transfer ownership of AutoMail and DOC, Sara introduced me to Bill (Loftis) and we got the process started. Blue River helps the owner determine what their company is worth and then communicates it to the buyer in a way that makes them they feel comfortable about the value they are getting out of the deal. I can’t think of anything they could have done better throughout the process. I love my company, but I don’t regret selling it – I am very pleased with the buyer because of their ability to carry on our mission and provide a positive environment for the employees.”

Co-Founder, Trinamic

“When selling a business, there are many issues that can suddenly arise. Blue River balances things and weighs them out. I really appreciate that about the team. I think they did an outstanding job of preparing us for what could happen throughout the process. And many of the things they prepared us for, actually did happen. The Blue River team was always accessible and empathetic, and understood that for our family, this business was like our baby.” 

President, TrynEx, Inc.

“Hiring Blue River to sell our company was a great investment for National Safe & Security. Blue River was able to source interested buyers that we would not have discovered on our own and they actually brought Cennox to the table, which was the perfect strategic fit and buyer for our company. Blue River guided us through the entire sale process from start to finish and Managing Director, Dan Sundby, was always very responsive to our phone calls and emails. When selling a business, having a professional M&A advisor is a must have and I highly recommend Blue River to be that company”.

President, National Safe & Security Systems

“We really appreciate Blue River’s help & input through the whole process of selling our company, from the initial analysis & set-up of the marketing materials promoting Unisan, securing a buyer that was a perfect fit, and working through due diligence to final closing. Their team was very helpful & professional at all times in communication with the buyers, giving us confidence in a journey which was definitely uncharted waters for us! To anyone needing a professional M&A advisor we would recommend Blue River!”

Owner, Unisan