Lewis VanLandingham


Lewis VanLandingham, Vice President, has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, whether he was working on a venture of his own or employed by a larger company, and his ambition has always been driven by the pleasure of serving well.

Before joining Blue River, since 2015, Lewis owned a sales training and leadership development business and provided sales and management training, coaching, and consulting to all types of businesses including manufacturing, insurance, financial services, and home improvement. He also frequently served as a keynote speaker and workshop leader on various topics related to communication skills, leadership, and business growth. Prior to that, Lewis was always in a sales role serving K-12 schools, industrial customers, and small and medium-sized businesses.

When asked about the secret to his numerous record-setting sales achievements over the last three decades, he answered that the most important factor was that customers knew that he always cared more about their best interest than his own commissions.

Lewis is a graduate of the University of Florida and currently resides in the Columbus, Ohio area. He and his wife are the proud parents of six children and two grandchildren. When not working, Lewis enjoys learning new things and spending time outdoors.