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Listed below are Blue River’s current acquisition projects. If you are aware of, or represent companies that may be interested in pursuing a transaction, please contact Sara Clevenger, Principal.  All discussions will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Blue River’s fees are paid by its clients.



Medical Communications – Private Equity-backed full-service medical communications company is actively pursuing additional strategic acquisitions. The buyer is looking to enhance, broaden, and strengthen its ability to deliver a robust suite of services to clients in the biopharmaceutical space at any point in the development process, and seeks to invest in a synergistic, culturally compatible agency. Our client focuses on high science and specialty therapeutics and is able to offer clients strategic services across the entire product lifecycle including medical communications, publications, speaker bureau, health care provider engagement and education. Seeking companies in the US and Canada with >$1MM EBITDA.

Production, Training & Technology Solutions – Private Equity-backed world-class production, training, and technology solutions agency that creates experiences for life sciences companies is actively pursuing additional strategic acquisitions. The buyer is looking to enhance, broaden, and strengthen their ability to deliver a robust suite of services to clients in the biopharmaceutical space at any point in the development process, and is looking to invest in a synergistic, culturally compatible agency. The services of interest include Field Force Training, Healthcare Provider and Patient Education, Digital Learning, and Event Production.

Healthcare Marketing Agency – Private Equity-backed leading healthcare marketing agency serving global pharmaceutical companies is actively pursuing strategic acquisitions. The buyer is looking to enhance, broaden, and strengthen its ability to deliver a robust suite of services to clients in the pharmaceutical space at any point in the development process, and is looking to invest in a synergistic, culturally compatible agency. The services of interest include medical communications, boutique advertising agencies, P.R.



Premium Coffee Roaster – leading global premium coffee roaster is looking to partner with an outstanding coffee roaster/wholesaler of coffee and tea servicing foodservice/retail or related channels. The buyer will provide competitive valuations, work efficiently and discreetely to minimize business disruptions, foster a common culture and customer service mindset, and customize a transaction to fit seller’s ambitions and needs. The partnership will provide long-term commitment, market opportunity, access to capital and networks, access to talent and other organizational resources.

Provider Of Wholesale Bakery Products – Private Equity-backed leading provider of wholesale bakery products to the foodservice and grocery channels is looking to partner with other bakeries of table breads, bagels, muffins, and related product categories. Interested in “Better-for-You”, dessert, ethnic and sweet baked good categories, as well as pre-sliced loaves with artisan qualities. Seeking bakeries located in the US with EBITDA between $500k-50MM.


Aftermarket Replacement Parts Distribution & Manufacturing – Private Equity-backed leading non-OEM aftermarket provider of replacement parts, accessories, and kits for paint spraying equipment is looking to acquire distributors and manufacturers of aftermarket replacement parts (specifically reverse engineered parts for active, legacy, and out-of-warranty OEM equipment or aftermarket parts). Acquirer is focused on companies with a diversified product portfolio, product development growth opportunities, established channels to market, and a strong brand presence in their particular vertical(s). Customer base: diverse, selling either B2B or B2C. Seeking businesses in the US and Canada with $1.5MM to $8MM of EBITDA.

Wholesale Distributor For Foodservice Industry – Private Equity-backed leading value-added wholesale distributor of equipment, parts, and services to the foodservice and commercial kitchen industry is looking to acquire wholesale distributors and equipment service providers. Seeking to partner with healthy, profitable businesses to enter new market segments and geographies, broaden products and service offerings and expand equipment and service capabilities. Seeking businesses in the US with EBITDA of at least $1MM.

Pet Health Products Distribution – Private Equity-backed Strategic Buyer looking to acquire synergistic add-on acquisitions. Of interest are companies in the US or Canada with similar product offerings (vaccines, medications, supplements, grooming, health products etc.) or adjacent markets like equine and livestock. Annual revenue in the $3MM – $50MM range.

Water Treatment Testing / Laboratory Products & Testing Services – Private Equity-backed Strategic buyer looking to acquire synergistic add-on acquisitions in the value-added distribution, manufacturing of water treatment testing product and laboratory and testing services. Of high interest are companies serving the industrial water treatment, food and beverage and environmental end markets. Seeking opportunities with companies producing at least $5MM in annual revenues.

Power Transmission Components and Bearings Distribution – Large Private Equity Group looking to acquire synergistic add-on companies for a portfolio company in the transmission and bearing distribution sector. Of particular interest are companies offering products like Drives, Brakes, Bushings, Clutches, Controls, Couplings & U-Joints, Gears, Linear Motion Devices, Motors, Seals. Industry focus: Food/Beverage, Bulk Materials, Chemical, Unit Handling, Steel, but also other specialty markets. Location in U.S., Canada, Mexico with revenue between $3MM – $75MM+ and EBITDA of approx. $500k – $15MM.



Power Generation and Transmission – Private equity fund seeks to invest in a family or founder-owned company serving the power generation and transmission segment. Buyer is launching an acquisition strategy in the sector and plans to invest in and integrate complementary manufacturing, distribution, and service companies to build a best-in-class, vertically integrated platform. Of interest are companies that manufacture components or build assemblies for the power generation and transmission market, as well as value-added distribution or businesses that provide grid or related equipment repair and maintenance services. Organizations that are diversified are of high interest. Preferred geography is Midwest/Mid-Atlantic, Texas, or East Coast. Optimal EBITDA range 3MM to 15MM.

Manufacturers of Engineered Products – Private Equity-backed holding company with four strategically aligned business units focused on precision stampings and assemblies, spherical rod end bearing assemblies, aircraft instrumentation and engineered components seeking to acquire complementary manufacturers of engineered components. Targeting end markets including Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Medical, and Agricultural. Acquirer offers a flexible transaction structure and welcomes Owner-Operators who desire to stay on with the company. Key value drivers for acquisition candidates include accelerated growth; opportunity to reinvest in a larger platform; enhanced career paths; access to state-of-the-art tooling facility; centralized, scalable back-office & support with Finance & Accounting, HR, IT, Sales; access to cutting-edge electronic invoicing and technology; access to capital.

Durable Medical Equipment Rentals – Private Equity-backed leading provider of durable medical equipment rental services to the hospice care segment is looking to acquire similar high-quality businesses in the durable medical equipment rental market that serve hospices or other end markets such as senior living and long term care. Acquirer seeks to partner with strong businesses with a growing customer base and excellent market reputation. Seeking businesses in CA, NV, AZ, NM, CO, UT, OR, WA with track record of consistent profitability and growth with high margins.

Engineered Components: Magnetic, Cable Assembly, RF/Microwave Components – Private Equity-backed value-added supplier of custom engineered, premium, cable and connectivity solutions for critical, high-cost, failure applications is looking to partner with engineered components suppliers in end marketing including defense, metals, industrial automation, aerospace, medical, rail & transit and other ruggedized environments. Example product categories of high interest include Transformers/Planar Transformers, Sensors, Isolators, Amplifiers, EM Shielding and other categories.

Machine Tool Metrology Equipment and Services – Leading value-added distributor and service provider for advanced machining, measuring, and automation equipment is looking to partner with distributors of goods and/or services in the Machine Tool, Metrology and Automation segments. Acquirer’s vision is to become Midwest’s leading source for quality machine tools and metrology solutions by advancing the precision manufacturing industry with knowledge and comprehensive offerings.

Provider Of Industrial Roller Coatings – Provider of elastomeric, polyurethane, ceramic and metal matrix coverings, as well as electrically heated rollers and composite shafts, cores, cylinders and sleeves, is looking to partner with strong, growing provider of industrial roller coatings and adjacent services. Acquirer has become the partner of choice for companies seeking to join a leading organization with long-lasting tradition, scale, substantial service offering, and significant resources dedicated to Capex, marketing, quality control, and ongoing business development.



Commercial Services – Private Equity-backed holding company and large owner/operator is seeking strategic acquisitions within the commercial services industry. The buyer is actively looking to enhance, broaden, and strengthen its ability to deliver a robust suite of services to its clients. The company provides a strong value proposition to franchisees through its support structure which includes assistance with branding, technology, lead generation, and corporate infrastructure support. Additionally, partnerships with outstanding franchisors provide cross-selling opportunities, purchasing efficiencies, and enhanced business diversity.

Electrical Services With Market Leadership – A seasoned operator and a leading private equity firm is looking to partner with businesses that have market leadership, strong demand for the company’s products/services, positive market dynamics, and high barriers to entry. Their vision is to build a Platform Electrical Contracting Services business focused on commercial and industrial markets. Focused on construction, small projects, retrofits, and recurring service specializing in electrical work in highly regulated environments. Focused on small projects, retrofits, and recurring service. Representative opportunities may include: family-owned enterprises evaluating succession options or seeking an institutional partner; operations that could benefit from buyer’s sector expertise, operating bench, and strategic vision; growing businesses seeking scale through strategic acquisitions; companies in need of a professional management team and institutionalized organization to support customer growth. Ideal companies would be located anywhere is the US, with revenues of $50MM-$100MM and 10%-20% EBITDA.

Roofing Contractors – An integrated team of investors and operators is seeking to partner with leading roofing contractors in Florida. The buyer’s vision is to build a scaled enterprise that will have the resources and capability to accelerate growth and build market share. The ideal partners have a strong presence in their local markets and are primarily focused on residential re-roofing.

Generator And Renewable Energy Solutions – Family Office/Private Investment Firm seeks to build an investment platform focused on the sales and service of generator and renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Relevant products and service offerings include residential, commercial & industrial generators; mobile products; parts, maintenance, and repairs; solar panel installation and service; battery back-up systems installation; EV charging stations. Non-core services might be offered: other electrical needs, HVAC, Plumbing. Priority targets will be dealers of specific generator manufacturers such as Generac, Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, etc. Seeking businesses in the US with min $8MM revenue and $750k EBITDA.

Electrical & Mechanical Contracting Services – Middle-Market Private Equity Fund seeks to build an electrical & mechanical contracting investment platform focused on small projects, retrofits and recurring maintenance services to highly regulated commercial and industrial end markets. Private Equity Sponsor believes in establishing a partnership that benefits from combining complementary skill sets of owners/operators who are industry experts with strong customer relationships and company cultures. Currently seeking the ideal platform company to launch this strategy. Ideal company: Revenue > $25M, EBITDA > 10%+, Electrical Services > 50% of revenue, New Construction < 30%. Geography – All US.

Consumer Gas Line Repair, Utility Line Repair, Erosion Repair – A market leader servicing utility and energy companies seeks to partner with growth-driven companies providing Consumer Gas Line Repair, Utility Line Repair, Erosion Repair, and related field maintenance services within the commercial and industrial infrastructure sector. Buyer is particularly interested in culturally aligned businesses providing complementary service offerings to customers in the utility, energy, and other industrial sectors, focused on profitable growth and recurring services. Buyer is looking for geographic diversity. 

Abatement, Indoor Air Quality & Environmental Services – Private Equity-backed leading abatement, indoor air quality and environmental services company on the west coast is looking to partner with other growth-driven HVAC-Indoor Air Quality Services / Restoration / Environmental / Construction Services providers while leveraging best practices and sharing economies of scale. Customer Base: Companies providing services or having relationships with: Property Managers, General Contractors, Health Care Systems/Schools, Insurance. Scale: $500K EBITDA for West Coast & $2MM EBITDA for New Territories.

Environmental Services – Private Equity-backed environmental services company specializing in heavy metals, most commonly in the form of lead, is looking to partner with other strategically and culturally aligned companies, providing complimentary environmental protection and remediation services, engineering, remediation, maintenance, construction, cleaning, and consultation. Adjacent Markets: mold, asbestos, air monitoring, remediation, water quality, underground tanks, brownfield, air quality, hazardous waste, toxins, etc. EBITDA of at least $500K.

Pest-Control Services – Private Equity-sponsored strategic acquirer in the pest-control services industry seeks to acquire and partner with other growth-driven pest control and commercial landscaping service providers while leveraging best practices and sharing economies of scale. Adjacent markets include recurring exterior maintenance services such as lawn care, weed control. Customer base: primarily residential customers in higher density MSAs. Target geographies: South and Southeastern US. Scale: >$200K EBITDA.

Special Education Services – A leading provider of special and alternative education and ABA therapy, including pediatric mental health solutions seeking to partner with outstanding providers of mental health services to alternative and special education private schools, practices providing in-district ABA therapy support, and ABA therapy centers. Buyer focuses on higher growth special and alternative education segments, IEP related services, in-district service offerings and private schools / special education out of district placement. Looking to grow their current footprint in the Northeast part of the country. Minimum EBITDA of $.5MM in existing geographies and $1MM EBITDA in new geographies.

Receivable Management Firm – Private Equity-backed large commercial B2B receivable management firm seeks to expand offerings by partnering with other world-class solutions providers of ARM and Insurance Services providers. Supported by shared leadership, operations and back-office functions creating significant benefits to scale. Buyer creates differentiated value proposition with client system integration, and offers proprietary, cloud-based technology platform that is unmatched in the industry.

Plants And Landscape Services – Private Equity-backed leading Seattle-based provider of interior and exterior plants and landscape services seeks to partner with companies providing complementary interiorscape and landscaping services to its existing portfolio offerings. Buyer’s vision is to become a leading national source for biophilic design, plant care urbanscape, and holiday décor with a focus on commercial, recurring interior landscaping services, and green walls to class-A facility tenants. Seeking businesses across US.

Salon Loft Owners – Private Equity-backed large salon suite rental concept business empowering independent beauty services professionals by offering top notch services suites and back-office support is looking to accelerate acquisitions of other salon suite owners across the country. Buyer sees tremendous opportunity to partner with or acquire existing owners / operators to aggressively expand into additional geographies. With their dominant market position and unmatched service offerings that will attract and retain beauty care professionals, our client is exploring opportunities in all major U.S. markets.

Managed Service Provider – Private Equity-backed leading IT Managed Service Provider for small and mid-sized businesses is looking to partner with strategically and culturally aligned providers of IT managed services across the mid-Atlantic and southern states, to achieve the next level of growth, support a broader client footprint, and leverage best practices while sharing economies of scale. Buyer is focused on value enhancement and growth, rather than cost reduction. Seller will gain access to best-in-class sales forces and offshore support capabilities, which will be used selectively to support customers more cost-effectively, providing a competitive advantage.

Industrial Air Filtration Products – Family of leading filtration brands with innovative technologies in attractive niche applications is looking to acquire companies offering finished filter products and related products/materials and emerging technologies. Industry Focus: HVAC Filters, Commercial and Industrial systems, Medical Devices. Industries Served: Medical, Industrial, Commercial, Data Centers. Seeking businesses in the US and Canada with EBITDA of approx. $1MM.

Testing And Certification Services – Private Equity-backed leader in the healthcare compliance and testing market is seeking strategic partnerships with companies providing testing and certification services within the Controlled Environment and/or Medical Gas industries. Acquirer’s goal is to grow its presence in core geographies, further expand its footprint and enhance its service offerings and add to its team of leaders and its robust network of highly trained technicians.

Leading HVAC/R Service Provider – Private Equity-backed independent self-performing HVAC/R service provider is seeking strategic acquisitions to become the top national HVAC/R platform. Seeking to expand into adjacent service offerings to better serve new and existing clients, improve performance in the current footprint, enter new market segments and geographies, and achieve a combined reputation as a top choice employer for capable technicians. Buyer will support partners both operationally and financially.

If you are aware of any company that fits the above criteria and would be interested in a confidential dialogue, please contact Sara Clevenger:

Sara Clevenger, Principal, provides strategic direction and oversight for the firm’s Acquisition Support Investment Banking Group. Ms. Clevenger brings over 15 years of experience in Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Real Estate Development, Portfolio and Transaction Management. Sara’s full bio is available here.

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