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At Blue River, competency happens on purpose, not by chance. Industry research, current and forecasted growth rates, expected M&A activity and feedback from our clients led us to develop four specific competencies; Energy, Integrated Communications, Healthcare and Information Technology. Since that time, Blue River has brought in and developed resources, executed numerous projects, and completed numerous transactions in these competencies. In addition to honing our understanding of key factors that lead to success in these sectors, Blue River has developed keen insight into the companies and PE firms that are acquisitively active and what companies may be looking for an exit currently or sometime over the next five years.

In response to client requests, Blue River has completed assignments in multiple industry sectors outside of these competencies including business services, manufacturing, defense, education, forestry, distribution, and many more. Our project startup process includes rigorous industry and client research designed to insure our efforts are focused, on target and effective. Blue River’s experience includes the sale of private companies, joint ventures, structuring and financing of management buyouts and management buy-ins, industry rollups, recapitalizations and private placements.


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